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Zima (Coors Brewing Company, 1993-2008)

Zima was a clear, lightly carbonated alcoholic beverage. In 1993, at its introduction, it was marketed as an alternative to beer, sort of an alcopop. Zima means “winter” in Slavic.

During the 90s, crystal beverages were all the rage and Coors wanted in on the action. At its peak in popularity (1994), Coors was producing 1.2 million barrels! It proved popular with women. In 1995, in a bid to target men, they introduced Zima Gold, an amber-colored beverage meant to taste like bourbon. Men proved themselves unable to partake and Zima Gold was gone in a year.

Seen and labelled as a “girly-man” beverage, the final nail in Zima’s coffin came in 2000 when Smirnoff launched Smirnoff Ice. In a last ditch attempt, in the late 2000s, Zima introduced new flavors — citrus, tangerine, pineapple citrus, black cherry and green apple. But the damage was done. In October 2008, Coors discontinued Zima.

If you’re still in love with Zima, head to Japan.