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The Littlest Hobo (CTV, 1979-1985)

The Littlest Hobo was a Canadian TV series that was based on the 1958 American film of the same name. Originally, The Littlest Hobo aired in syndication from 1963 to 1965. In 1979, CTV revived the series which ran from October 11, 1979 to March 7, 1985 (a total of 6 seasons and 114 episodes).

The primary star of the show was London, a German Shepherd that played Hobo. London’s offspring/relatives Toro, Litlon and Thorn would sometimes sit in for London. Hobo travelled from town to town helping those in need. Even though many people tried to adopt him, Hobo preferred the solo life and was always seen heading off by himself at the end of every episode. As a stray, he was either called Hobo by those he encountered or a name his “adopted” humans bestowed on him.

The CTV series was unique in that episodes were shot on videotape and not film. The original series has been released on DVD. The first season of the CTV series has been released in regions 2 and 4. The second season is currently only available in region 2.