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Read All About It! (TVO, 1979-1983)

Read All About It! was a Canadian educational children’s TV program and episodes were only 15 minutes long. The goal of the show was to educate children in writing, reading and history. Read All About It! was set in the fictional town of Herbertville where Chris (David Craig Collard) had inherited his uncle’s Coach house after said uncle mysteriously disappeared. Chris and his friends Lynne (Lydia Zajc) and Samantha (Stacey Arnold) started a newspaper, The Herbertville Chronicle. The coach house contained two artificially intelligent robots — Otto, a typewriter-like robot that printed its thoughts on paper and Theta, a talking computer with an integrated monitor. The coach house had a transporter that let literary characters and residents of the galaxy Trialviron to be transported in (and out), namely Duneedon (Sean Hewitt), the ruler of Trialviron.

Episodes of Read All About It! were shown in chapter format, like a novel. There were 40 episodes produced over 2 seasons. For fans, don’t hold your breath for DVD releases for Read All About It! or any other TVO produced show. Due to the special “educational” arrangements that TVO had with various unions, it’s unlikely that clearances regarding rights to the show will ever be released. Despite the fact that TVO and the union members would love to release it, the law states that neither side can change the existing contract without agreement from all original parties.