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Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Buena Vista, 1988)

This 1988 American fantasy comedy film combined live action with animation. Who Framed Roger Rabbit was directed by Robert Zemeckis and based on Gary K. Wolf’s 1981 mystery novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit? The film starred Bob Hoskins as P.I. Eddie Valiant, Charles Fleischer as the voice of Roger Rabbit, Christopher Lloyd as Judge Doom and Kathleen Turner as the voice of Jessica Rabbit. It’s been said that the success of Who Framed Roger Rabbit spearheaded the modern era of American animation.

In 1947, in Toontown (near Hollywood) cartoon characters live among humans. Maroon, the human owner of Maroon Cartoon studios hires Valiant to look into the rumors that Jessica Rabbit is having an affair. Jessica’s lover is found dead and her husband Roger becomes the prime suspect.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit took in over $11 million in its opening weekend. Worldwide, it took in $329.8 million and became the second highest grossing film of 1988 behind Rain Man.

In the early 90s you could dance the Roger Rabbit inspired by the movements in the film. Similar to the Running Man, you skip backwards and flap your arms and hook your thumbs back as if you’re wearing suspenders (see the video on how to do the dance underneath the trailer below).

RIP to actor Bob Hoskins who passed away April 29, 2014 after coming down with pneumonia. Hoskins was only 71.