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Pepsi Vanilla (2003 – 2006)

Pepsi is well aware that they are the number two soft drink maker behind Coke. In 2002, Coke began mass producing Vanilla Coke. In 2003, Pepsi introduced Pepsi Vanilla. Pepsi put a lot into their market research in order to claim that consumers wanted a lighter, smoother vanilla drink. Coke continued mass production of Vanilla Coke until 2005. Pepsi Vanilla disappeared about a year later, in late 2006.

Both Vanilla Coke and Pepsi Vanilla had mass appeal. A search of message boards will tell you that both drinks are much missed. (In fact, Vanilla Coke has been re-introduced in some markets.) When you look at the facts, both products were well-received, but sales began to taper off. Why? (Trust me, it was not the products.) At this time, all soft drink sales were slowing down because bottled water was on the rise. So, take heart Vanilla fans, the problem was not you: it was bottled water.