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E.T. Cereal (General Mills, 1984)

In 1982, a little film (that was the highest grossing film of all time — that surpassed Star Wars — for 10 years, took in $11 million in its opening weekend and topped the box office for six straight weeks!) called E.T. The Extra Terrestrial was released. In the film, E.T. liked eating peanut butter and chocolate, and Hershey was able to cash in on some product placement to score some of the eventual worldwide total of over $600 million that the film brought in.

Meanwhile, two years later, General Mills wanted some E.T. money too, so they released this peanut butter and chocolate flavored crispy, sweetened 2-grain cereal. Every cereal piece came in either an E or a T shape. The flavor was similar to Hershey’s Reese’s Puff cereal.

E.T. cereal was described as a “glowing part of a good breakfast” and featured E.T.’s iconic glowing finger.