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Gremlins Sweetened cereal (Ralston, 1984)

This cereal was a tie-in to the 1984 adventure/comedy film Gremlins produced by Steven Spielberg.

The box featured Gizmo and the cereal pieces were meant to be representations of him, but looked
more like teddy bears. The Gremlins cereal was produced until about 1986.

No word on what happened when you got the cereal wet with milk (in the movie the Gremlins were not supposed to get wet or they would multiply), but I don’t remember hearing about real Gremlins running amok, so it would seem Ralston had the magic touch and figured out how to prevent that catastrophe. Although if the Gizmo pieces did actually multiply when they got drenched with milk, it would make this cereal very filling indeed because every time you’d think you were done, the bowl would just fill back up again. Hmm, maybe that’s why the cereal had poor sales — you only had to buy a box and you could eat for the rest of your life…..