Out of This World (NBC, 1987 – 1991)

Out of This World was an American sitcom that aired from September 17, 1987 to May 25, 1991 for a total of 4 seasons and 96 episodes.

Out of This World centered around teen Evie Garland who discovered that her father is an alien who married her mother that merged life forms to create her. Evie’s half-alien ancestry gives her special powers, namely the ability to stop time by touching her index fingers together. Evie was played by Maureen Flannigan; her mom Donna was played by Donna Pescow and her father Troy was voiced by Burt Reynolds.

The reason why her father was voiced by was that Troy never appeared on the show. Evie was able to talk to Troy thanks to a “glowing” cube — which was essentially a telephone to his home planet. No other character on the show is aware that Evie is an alien (except her parents).

The other memorable thing about Out of This World was their theme song Swinging on a Star. In fact, the three things I remember about this show are the index fingers that freeze time, the cube and the theme song.