Night Court (NBC, 1984 –

This American sitcom was set in a Manhattan courtroom during the night shift. The court was presided over by the young judge Harry Stone (Harry Anderson), who was also a magician. Night Court made a star out of John Larroquette who played Prosecutor Dan Fielding. Larroquette won four consecutive Emmys for Best Supporting Actor from 1985 to 1988. In an unprecedented move, he asked for his name to be withdrawn from the ballot in 1989 because he felt he had enough accolades. In total, Night Court was nominated for 31 Emmys and won seven.

Other cast members included Markie Post who played Public Defender Christine Sullivan (though she didn’t enter until season 3), Richard Moll played Bailiff Bull and Marsha Warfield played female Bailiff Roz (she didn’t appear until season four). The primary cast was rounded out with Charles Robinson who played Court Clerk Mac (starting in season two).

Night Court ran for nine seasons from January 4, 1984 to May 31, 1992. There were a total of 193 episodes. All seasons of the series are available on DVD. If you have access to Encore Classic, the network began airing Night Court in December 2013.