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Do You Love Me by The Contours (Motown, 1962)

The Contours were one of the first groups to be signed to Motown Records. Formed in the fall of 1960, they failed to impress Motown boss Berry Gordy. A second audition which saw The Contours sing the exact same songs in the same way as in their first audition won him over and scored the group a 7-year contract. The Contours’ first two singles failed to chart. But in early 1962, Gordy had the Contours perform Do You Love Me (which allegedly was meant for The Temptations), though Gordy later claimed he offered it to the Contours first and would give it to the Temptations if the Contours had “problems” with it. Meanwhile, the single raced up to the top of the R&B chart and hit #3 on the Hot 100. Do You Love Me sold a million copies and was certified Gold.

The contours continued on to the middle of 1968. Though subsequent singles failed to match the success of Do You Love Me, they made regular appearances on the R&B chart. They broke up in 1968.