Freakies cereal (Ralston, 1972)

Freakies was originally intended to be a sugar coated flake cereal in 1972 and called Freakie Flakes. But Ralston cut the flake idea in favor of a puffed cereal. Freakies was an instant success, thanks to the monsters that Ralston created (Boss Moss, Cowmumble, Gargle, Goody-Goody, Grumble, Hamhose and Snorkeldorf) that appeared on the boxes. Commercials told the story of how the Freakies came to live in the Freakies Tree which provided them an endless supply of the ceral.

A chocolate version, Cocoa Freakies appeared in 1973 and a fruit version Fruity Freakies appeared in 1975. All three versions of the Freakies cereals disappeared in 1977. Ten years later, Ralston tried to re-introduce Freakies as crunchy honey-tasting spaceships with marshmallows Freakies. In 1988, the new space Freakies were gone again.

In 1989, in the film The ‘burbs Ray Peterson (Tom Hanks) is seen eating Freakies (see photo above).