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Watchmen (DC Comics, 1987)

Watchmen is a graphic novel written by Alan Moore with artist Dave Gibbons and colorist John Higgins. The 12 issues were serialized as a limited edition between September 1986 to October 1987.

Watchmen chronicled the fall from grace of a group of superheroes that were plagued by human failings. The superheroes are also being stalked by an unknown assassin.

Watchmen won a Hugo Award, is one of the most influential graphic novels and is the perennial best-selling graphic novel of all time. Watchmen has been studied on college campuses across the U.S. In 2009, a feature film directed by Zack Snyder took in over $185 million at the worldwide box office. In 2012, DC Comics began publishing Before Watchmen, a comic book prequel to the original Watchmen graphic novel.