Eyes Wide Shut (Warner Brothers, 1999)

Eyes Wide Shut became director Stanley Kubrick’s final film; he died within a week of completing the final edit. The film is based upon the 1926 novella Dream Story by Arthur Schnitzler.

The film starred, who were a real life married couple at the time, Tom Cruise as Dr. Bill Harford and Nicole Kidman as his wife Alice. Alice reveals that she had contemplated having an affair which embarks the couple into a sexual game of one-upmanship.

To ensure the film’s R rating, Warner Brothers had to digitally alter several scenes. They have since released the uncensored version on DVD. Eyes Wide Shut holds another distinction: While filmed on an open production schedule, it ended up taking 400 days to shoot the entire movie. The Guinness Book of Records have recognized it as the longest constant film shoot.

In July 1999 (a few months after Kubrick’s death from a heart attack), Eyes Wide Shut was released to positive critical acclaim and has pulled in $162 million worldwide.