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Jelly Shoes (80s)

Jelly shoes were introduced at the 1982 World’s Fair in Knoxville, Tennessee. They were re-introduced a year later at a shoe exposition in Chicago by Grendha Shoes. A buyer from Bloomingdale’s saw this display and ordered 2,400 pairs in nine different styles. Jellies went into their catalog and on the main floor of the store and this 80s trend took off. With the prevalence of cheap knock-offs — that sold for $1 or $2 — Grendha was pretty much forced to release a new style every 6 months. One of the designers of jelly shoes was Jean-Paul Gaultier.

If you never experienced the fad, jelly shoes were very comfortable to wear, despite the fact that they were made out of PVC plastic. The plastic allowed them to come in any color imaginable. Jelly shoe styles allowed for both casual or dress wear. Unfortunately, the plastic doesn’t necessarily make for hard- or long-lasting wear and these shoes really really make your feet sweat.