Whip It by Devo (Warner Bros., 1980)

Whip It was American new wave band Devo’s second single off their 1980 album, Freedom of Choice. The single is based on a motorik beat with the lead instrument being a Minimoog synthesizer. Gerald Casale (vocalist of the band) claims the lyrics are about trying to overcome adversity and they often claim it’s about Jimmy Carter. Unfortunately, the general population took the lyrics at face value and think the song is about either S&M (which the video funded by $15,000 of Devo’s own money helped to reinforce) or inhaling nitrous oxide from whipped cream cans.

Meanwhile, the song hit #77 in Australia, #11 in both Canada and New Zealand, #51 in the UK, #14 on the U.S. Hot 100 and #8 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play. Whip It became the best known of Devo’s three singles and regularly appears on One Hit Wonder charts.