Vitalogy by Pearl Jam (Epic, 1994)

While touring for their 1993 album Vs., Pearl Jam wrote and recorded Vitalogy. The album was a bit of a departure of their typical sound, the tracks were more aggressive-sounding mixed with ballads and “experimental” tracks. It became their second-fastest selling album (877,000 copies in one week) and was certified five times platinum.

This, their third album, came at a contentious time for Pearl Jam. There was communication problems, members thought of quitting, or went into rehab and most of the material was written just before it was recorded. Consequently, Vitalogy focuses on the pressures of fame and their loss of privacy.

The album was packaged as a booklet to resemble the 1920s medical book of the same name. It featured the singles Spin the Black Circle, Not for You and Immortality.

Vitalogy went to #1 in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Sweden; #2 in Canada; #4 in the UK; #7 in Austria, Norway and on the Dutch chart; #8 in Germany and #17 in Switzerland.