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Chatty Cathy doll (Mattel, 1960s)

Chatty Cathy spoke one of eleven phrases at random when you pulled the ring protruding from her upper back. Originally she said phrases like “I love you” or “Please take me with you.” In 1963 seven more phrases were added. (Chatty Cathy’s voice unit was designed by Jack Ryan who designed Barbie.)

The first Cathys were blond with blue eyes. In 1962, a brunette Cathy appeared, in 1963, Cathy had auburn hair. African American versions were also produced. Cathy was manufactured until 1965 and was Mattel’s second-most popular doll (behind Barbie obviously). Cathy’s success led to baby versions and boy versions as well as a Singing Cathy. In 1962, Mattel purchased the Canadian company Dee & Cee Toy Company and produced a Canadian Cathy version.