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3D Doritos (Frito-Lay, 2000s)

Tasting like original Doritos, the 3D version have a harder crunch and take up more surface area in your mouth. Simply put, they were puffed out versions of the original.

Originally 3D Doritos came in 3 flavors: Jalapeno Cheddar, Texas Paprika and Zesty Ranch.

If you’re one of the devoted fans who still miss them, I’m sure you’re well aware of the myriad of pages devoted to bringing them back and of the online petition. It’s very easy to find 3D Doritos on pages entitled “Foods We Miss,” which makes you wonder why Frito-Lay axed them. Sales figures are pretty elusive and the closest explanation of why they’re gone that I could find is 3D Doritos were a limited edition item. This explanation is very probable, since during the mid-2000s Doritos went through a major re-branding and launched many new variations.