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The Cat in the Hat (Random House, 1957)

In the May 24, 1954 edition of Life magazine, John Hersey wrote an article entitled “Why Do Students Bog Down on First R? A Local Committee Sheds Light on a National Problem: Reading.” Theodor Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss) wrote The Cat in the Hat as a response. The story is 1629 words in length and uses a vocabulary of only 236 words.

The story introduced the tall, mischievous cat that wears a tall red-and-white striped hat and red bowtie. The Cat in the Hat went on to appear in five more Dr. Seuss books.

The book has been adapted into 2 musical TV specials, a Russian adaptation special and currently airs as a PBS Kids animated TV series voiced by Martin Short. A feature film starring Mike Myers (see below) was released in 2003. Two stage adaptations have been made. In 1999, a ride at Universal Studios took guests on a journey through the Cat’s world. An educational CD game and a digital book app are also out there featuring the Cat.