I Touch Myself by the Divinyls (Virgin, 1990)

I Touch Myself was the lead single off the Austalian band the Divinyls’ fourth album, which was self-titled. A staple on the Australian music charts since their 1983 debut album Desperate. It was due to this single that they achieved world-wide fame.

Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly (the songwriting team behind I’ll Stand By You, Like a Virgin, Eternal Flame, True Colors and So Emotional had the single’s first verse and chorus lyrics. They met up with Divinyls singer Christina Amphlett who took an immediate liking to it. The next day, Steinberg, Kelly, Amphlett and Divinyls bandmate Mark McEntee all got together and wrote the rest of the song.

In Australia, the single hit number one. In the U.S., it hit #4. In Ireland – #8; the UK – #10; Canada – #13 and #17 in New Zealand and still ranks as their best selling single.

I Touch Myself was featured in the 1992 film Prelude to a Kiss and 1997’s Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. In Chile, you can find the song featured on the soundtrack to their soap opera Graduados. The Divinyls recorded one more album before breaking up in 1996.

Amphlett died in April 2013 after a three year battle with breast cancer. Her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 2007 prevented her from receiving any radiation or chemotherapy for her cancer. Amphlett was only 55 years old and was survived by her husband.