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Bumper Stumpers (Global)

Bumper Stumpers was a Canadian game show that pitted two duo teams against each other, trying to decipher vanity license plates. It aired on the Global Television Network in Canada and the USA Network in the United States from June 1987 to December 1990; a total of three seasons. The show was created by the legendary game show host Wink Martindale and was hosted by Canadian television personality Al Dubois.

The goal of the game was to solve two Super Stumpers, which gave the winning duo team a chance to go to the Bonus Round. To get a chance to solve the Super Stumper plate, the team had to correctly solve the Jump In plate. The Jump In plate (see picture, above) showed the teams two plates and were told whom the owner was; the teams guessed which plate was theirs and deciphered what the plate meant. A correct answer here gave the team a chance to solve the Super Stumper. The Super Stumper was a plate of seven letters which were revealed one letter at a time, and, again, the teams were told who the owner of the plate was and had to decipher what the plate meant. The Bonus Round had the winning team try to solve up to seven additional vanity plates in only 30 seconds. Each plate they correctly figure out led to a better shot at uncovering the money behind the S, T, U, M, P, E, R of the Bonus Round.

You can still watch re-runs of the series on Canada’s Game TV network.