48 Hours (Paramount, 1982)

This action comedy was directed by Walter Hill and starred Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy — his film debut that landed him a Golden Globe nomination. 48 Hours was produced by Joel Silver and was his debut as a film producer, Lawrence Gordon and D. Constantine Conte.

The film is credited as being the first “buddy cop” movie. A cop Jack Cates (Nolte) must team up for 48 hours with a convict Reggie Hammond (Murphy) to catch Reggie’s old partner Albert Ganz (James Remar) who has killed another cop Detective Ganz (James Keane).

48 Hours became the seventh highest grossing film of 1982. It scored over $4.3 million in its opening weekend and has taken in over $78.8 million from the domestic box office. In 2007, IGN (Image Games Network), an entertainment website, dubbed the film the 3rd Greatest Buddy Cop Film.