Hey There Lonely Girl by Eddie Holman (ABC, 1970)

Born in Norfolk, Virginia, Eddie grew up in New York. Noting (at age 2!) that he loved to sing, his mother introduced him to the piano and guitar, where they found he had a natural aptitude. At age 10, he stepped onto the stage at the Apollo Theater on Amateur Night and the world was introduced to his smooth tenor voice. He was soon performing on Broadway and at Carnegie Hall. In 1962, he made his first record.

As a teen, Holman’s family moved to Philadelphia. After high school, Holman obtained a music degree from Cheyney State University. It was on the Philadelphia soul scene where he developed his soul trademark. While in college, he recorded his first single This Can’t Be True in 1965. His follow up hits: Am I a Loser From the Start (1966), I Love You (1969), Don’t Stop Now (1970) and Cathy Called (1970). He sang with the Delfonics and Stylistics. Also in 1970, he re-recorded the Ruby & The Romantics hit Hey There Lonely Boy into Hey There Lonely Girl and scored a #2 Billboard Hot 100 hit. (It peaked at number four in the UK.) The single sold over a million copies and was certified gold in March 1970.

In 1977, Holman had two more minor hits, This Will be a Night To Remember and You Make My Life Complete.

Holman is now an ordained minister and owns his own record label (Agape Records) and music publishing company (Schoochiebug Music Publishing). He currently resides in Philadelphia with wife Sheila and has three children.