Funny Face Drink Mix (Pillsbury, 1964)

In the 1960s, cyclamate became a popular artificial sweetener. Pillsbury added Sweet*10 to that and in 1964, introduced a Funny Face Drink Mix to the world. The original flavors were Goofy Grape, Rootin Tootin Raspberry, Freckle Face Strawberry, Loud Mouth Lime, Chinese Cherry (re-named Choo-Choo Cherry) and Injun Orange (re-named Jolly Olly Orange). Lefty Lemon and other flavors followed the next year. Cyclamate was eventually banned and Sweet*10 and the Funny Faces were dropped, leading to a loss for Pillsbury of $4.5 million.

After some changes, the Funny Faces were re-launched in sweetened and unsweetened versions.

(In the photo of the Injun Orange flavor, take note of the price.)