The Stone Roses self-titled album (Silvertone, 1989)

The Stone Roses are an English alternative rock band that formed in Manchester in 1983. Their debut self-titled album, released in 1989, was a breakthrough success. They tried to capitalize on their success by signing with a major label, but Silvertone wouldn’t let them out of their contract, sparking a long legal battle that ended with the band signing with Geffen in 1991 and the release of their follow-up album. After several line-up changes during the subsequent tour, the Stone Roses called it quits. The band reunited in 2011, mostly to perform at festivals in Europe, though there were rumors that they had recorded songs for a new album.

The Stone Roses self-titled debut album has been dubbed one of the most influential albums, with writers at NME in 2006 declaring it to be the greatest British album of all time. It had the honor of being the seminal record of the “Madchester” movement of the late 80s/early 90s. All that suggested they were supposed to have ushered in a new British invasion. They didn’t quite manage that, but they did secure themselves a piece of the spotlight in music history. Initially after the 1989 release, neither critics nor consumers paid much attention until the band’s 1990 appearance on Top of the Pops. After which the accolades came rolling in.

In 1990, the album peaked at #19 on the UK Album chart (#86 on Billboard’s Hot 200). It re-entered the UK Album chart in 1995 to peak at #23; in 2004 to #9; in 2005 at #19 and in 2009 to #5. The singles from The Stone Roses‘ album: She Bangs the Drums peaked in the UK Singles Chart at #36 in 1989 and #34 in 1990; in the U.S. peaked at #9 on the Modern Rock chart; I Wanna Be Adored peaked at #20 in the UK, #18 in the U.S.; What The World is Waiting For/Fools Gold peaked at #8 in the UK; Elephant Stone went to #8 in the UK; Made of Stone hit #8 in the UK; One Love peaked at #4 in the UK; Waterfall hit #27 in the UK and I Am the Resurrection peaked at #33 in the UK.

The Stone Roses was produced by John Leckie. Band members on the album were Ian Brown on vocals, Mani on bass guitar, Reni played the drums and provided backing vocals and John Squire provided guitars and was responsible for their album cover art.