Teen Angel by Mark Dinning (MGM, 1960)

Written by Mark’s sister Jean (Eugenia) and his brother-in-law (Jean’s husband) Red Surrey.

Jean and two of her sisters, Virginia and Lucille were a singing trio — The Dinning Sisters — in the 40s.

Max Edward Dinning was born in Manchester, Oklahoma, raised near Nashville and was the youngest of nine children. In 1957, record producer Wesley Rose offered him a recording contract as Mark Dinning.

Two years later, he scored a number one hit (#5 on the R&B chart) in the U.S. Though deemed too morbid to play by British radio stations, it reached #37 on the UK Singles chart and hit #3 in Australia.

He released three more singles over the next two years, which failed to chart in the UK or crack the Top 40 in the U.S., but two of which were decently popular in Australia.

Mark’s alcohol addiction was his downfall. He repeatedly showed at performances too intoxicated to perform. He died in Jefferson City, Missouri at 52 from a heart attack.