Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Fox Kids, 1990

An animated television series based on the 1978 movie Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and The Return of the Killer Tomatoes. It debuted on September 8, 1990 and ended November 23, 1991. It went on to Fox Family from 1998 to 2000.

The series began five years after The Great Tomato War where tomatoes are banned. Not to be deterred from his plans to take over the world, Dr. Gangreen creates an army of mutant killer tomatoes. During the mutation process, he tosses away one tomato that’s too slow and too big. Unfortunately, it mixes with a second experiment and transforms into a pretty girl. She escapes and is rescued by a pizza delivery boy. They unite to stop Gangreen’s schemes.

The cast: John Astin, Thom Brady, S. Scott Bullock, Cam Clarke, Christian Guzek and Maurice LaMarche. There were two seasons and a total of 21 episodes. During the second season, the show was the first Saturday morning cartoon series to be computer animated; the single episode plots were replaced by an ongoing storyline; there were contradictory changes to main characters, all of which have been rumored to have brought about the series’ demise. As it turns out, the final eight episodes of season two were shown out of sequence.